Native App

EAM360 Mobile app is built natively and follows iOS and Android platform guidelines for faster response time and performance. It can also interact with all native API's provided by 3rd party application such as Google Maps, ESRI ARC GIS.

No Server Required

EAM360 Mobile app does not require a separate server and its server-side components resides within Maximo. The Mobile App API's interact with Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) Object structures directly.


EAM360 Mobile app uses REST API to communicate with Maximo and uses lightweight data-interchange format JSON ( JavaScript Object Notation) to improve the App Performance.

Offline DataStore

EAM360 Mobile app has offline data storage on the mobile Device to improve app responsiveness and also protect the app performance in the poor network conditions.

Asynchronous communication

EAM360 Mobile App predominately uses Asynchronous communication and allows the user to work on the Mobile app while it is syncing data with Maximo Server to ensure the Mobile app performance.

Backoff Sync

EAM360 uses exponential backoff sync for app performance during the server failure. If the server is unreachable or down, the app ensures data integrity and sync up when the Server is restored.


EAM360 Mobile App data is encrypted in the Mobile Database. Also, It Supports https protocol and pluggable authentication for improved security.

Multi-User Support

EAM360 Mobile dB stores transaction data ( example, Material usage record for Work Order ) separately for each user and therefore a single Mobile device can be used by multiple users.

Error Handling

EAM360's Error handling algorithm displays Maximo errors to the user with an error icon. The user will have Retry, Ignore, Rollback options based on the error type to process the errors. The errors specific to the mobile apps are presented & monitored using the EAM360's device console


EAM360 Mobile app is built using the Open source Technologies. The source code of EAM360 Mobile apps can be provided to the customers to support and modify the app using the respective Integrated Development Environments (IDE) - Android Studio, Xcode

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