EAM360 Public Utilities Case Study

Improving public utility asset management lifecycle for a city with our mobile app


EAM360, a next-generation Mobile application for Maximo , is implemented for efficient management of a City’s utility assets and its maintenance/service related activities.


With paper-based processes and the delays in updating the data, the asset managers and process managers experienced critical information gaps. This also delayed the option to view critical information for days or weeks and created vulnerabilities for service compliance, asset repair and replacement. With no letup in safety & security in modernizing the field operations, the client is faced with challenges to do more with less. Some of the key challenges faced by the team were:

  • Managing huge volumes of 800K+ asset & location data from a mobile platform
  • Complying with highly secure identity, access & security standards
  • Offline access and mapping features to facilitate work in remote places
  • Adaptability of the application by a Non-tech savvy workforce

Solution Offered:

As a leading EAM mobile solution provider, we assigned multiple features and components of applications dedicated for technicians/supervisors, storekeepers and managers. This assisted them with efficiently managing Work Order, Service Requests, Locations, assets, etc across different locations from anywhere at any time. A few key solutions offered were:

  • View Work Assignments with real time notifications & route map with turn-by-turn directions.
  • Update Work Actual -Material, Tools, Labor, Log with photos/videos, Failure codes & Classification/Specification attributes.
  • Integrated with the ESRI ArcMap to view with feature services/layers and its associated Locations, Assets and Work orders in mobile.
  • Integration with the existing SharePoint platform for efficient document management.
  • Create Service Requests/ Work Orders for single or multi-assets from the ArcMap, Asset drill-down, Beacon or Bar/QR Code.
  • Download 800,000+ asset/location records in the mobile app for offline access to work in underground and remote working environments.
  • Perform physical count, issue return & receipts with efficient Inventory & Purchase Management.

Solution Components:

  • IBM Maximo7.6.0.9
  • EAM360 Technician Mobile App
  • EAM360 Storekeeper Mobile App
  • EAM360 Manager Mobile App


Implementing a fully integrated EAM solution helped the team to successfully handle meter services, field operations, electrical services, inventory management and water & wastewater operations.

Following are few key benefits experienced by client after deploying our services:

  • The simple and user friendly UI & UX of the application has enabled ease in adaptability and usage of the system.
  • Significant improvements in wrench time/ productivity due to faster data entry (from 10 minutes to 2 minutes per work order) and offline availability of geospatial data.
  • Reduced backlog due to real-time work assignments and also increased opportunity for maintenance with features to view nearby open work orders from the mobile app which helps to complete the work while visiting works locations.
  • Better work control due to easy access to availability of safety alerts and safety documents in the Mobile App on the go.
  • Inventory accuracy & Reduced stock-outs due to effective recording of material usage from the mobile app

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