EAM360 Mobile App For Facilities

Our mobile solution plays a key role in empowering facilities professionals with
diverse business process management and operation challenges.

A 360° Mobile Platform for Facilities Management

EAM360 provides complete insight into your organization's maintenance activities at all levels and locations, enabling you to efficiently communicate vital facility information between departments and ensuring that the facility systems operate in alignment. Our mobile application focuses on reducing the energy and maintenance costs while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and standards.

Key Features of EAM360 for Facilities

  • Automating the process from Customer Agreements/Contracts to Billing and Streamlining the Help Desk & SLA Management.
  • Provide optimal travel route for the work location & also Send ETA (Expected Time of arrival) to the customer
  • Scan and upload expenses and toll bills using mobile camera for reimbursement/billing
  • Automatic calculation of travel & work time based on the application actions
  • Report materials used & work details and capture real signature for work hand-over from the customer/operator
  • Option to scan the barcode of assets to view asset maintenance history and Open work orders
  • Efficient Inventory & Procurement Management.

Key Benefits of EAM360 for Facilities

  • Automation of the accounting process facilitates on-time and accurate invoicing.
  • Improved monitoring of the support and documentation management.
  • Maximize the productivity of your staff with the planning and scheduling capabilities.
  • Accurate asset history tracking from the mobile solution.
  • Reduced stock-outs and excess stock accumulation, resulting in cost savings.
  • Single point access to multiple existing systems in use with efficient interfacing

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EAM360 Facility Management

A deep dive into how we assisted a global leader in innovative facilities management solutions with their operational challenges.
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