Work Management Features

EAM360 app provides the instructions to perform the work & also provides the features to report work progress and work completion details.

Assignment Notification

Get Notification of work assignment & View assigned Work Orders

Document Attachments

Review Work Instruction, Attached documents & Materials planned for the work

Work Actuals

Update Work Actuals - Complete Tasks, Report Labor time using timer or enter manually

Measurement Reading

Capture Measurement readings of Asset or Location such as Vibration, Temperature

Material Request

Report material usage or Request Materials required / Create Purchase Request

Work log

Record work log to update work performed or shift hand-over & Attach/Capture Photo

Failure reporting

Update Failure Codes for breakdown work -Problem, Cause, Remedy codes

Safety alert

Acknowledge safety Hazards of the work and safety precautions to be taken


Capture signature from the Operator or Customer for sign-off

Maintenance History

Scan RFID or Bar Code or QR code of the Asset to view Maintenance History

Create SR / WO

Create Follow-up Work Orders, Create Service Request for the faults

Move Asset

Move / Modify Assets from one location to another, Update work attributes

Maximo Inventory Management Features

EAM360 app provides request details for Issue, Purchase Order details for Receipts & stock details for Physical counting

Goods issue

Issue items from the Storeroom against the Material Requests / Reservations

Physical Count

Physical Count of Items to synchronize physical and system Inventory

Goods Receipt

Receive materials against a Purchase Order into the Storeroom - Bin


Inspect the received items to accept or reject, Induct Asset Serial numbers

Scan Items

Scan RFID or Bar/ QR Code of Item codes to issue, receipt or Physical count

Goods Return

Return received & rejected / excess items to the vendor

Technical Features

EAM360 Mobile app provides number of technical features to help the user to perform the transactions effectively and efficiently.

Voice to Text

Use Voice to text to update the work log or enter task execution comments.

Audio/video recording

Use Audio or Video recording for shift hand-over log or for work updates

Photo Annotation

Annotate photo captured to highlight an area or Add text to provide more details


Use Chatbot to create Service Request and also to update work actuals for a Work Order


Print unserviceable tag or Work Order details using hand-held Bluetooth/Wifi Printer

Beacons & NFC Tag

Read NFC Tags/ Beacon signals to View Asset Maintenance history or Create Service Request


View Key Performance Indicators (KPI) & other Work details as a Pie or Bar Chart

Travel Route

View optimal travel route for assigned work locations based on the Priority & Proximity

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