EAM360 Mobile App For Power Generation

Improve the management and maintenance lifecycle of your Power Generation plant assets, with a highly intuitive IBM Maximo Mobile App.

A 360° Mobile Solution for Power Plant management

EAM360 assists with optimizing the maintenance and material management processes of Power Generation plants. Our mobile application eliminates the time consuming practices involving the recording of activities to a paper form the field, followed by the updation to the system, with the implementation of our mobile solution to update work actuals directly from the worksite to the system.

Key Features of EAM360 for Power Generation

  • Real time alerts to the technician on the field for breakdown and corrective maintenance work orders.
  • Receive safety alerts and view safety permit requirements for work assignments from the Mobile App.
  • Update Work Actual - Material, Tools, Labor, Log with photos/videos, Failure codes & Classification/Specification attributes. The ability to record entries with the Text-to-Speech option is also available.
  • Utilization of the Maximo workflows for streamlined SOPs.
  • Offline access to operate from environments where cell phone usage in the online mode is restricted.
  • The ability for the plant managers to approve Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders and Invoices with the click of a button.
  • Perform physical count, issue return & receipts, record purchase and inventory details from the Storekeeper app to optimize the Inventory.
  • Optimize the Inventory with the Storekeeper app to perform physical count procedures, issue returns & receipts and record purchase related information.

Key Benefits of EAM360 for Power Generation

  • Our mobile apps suite assists with the management of complex workflows-work order management to record purchase orders, all in one single interface.
  • The enhanced data integrity helps with making better key business decisions.
  • Safety permit documentation & safety alerts create a safer working environment.
  • The Offline access functionality of the application provides uninterrupted access to record work related information from areas with restricted usage of internet connected mobile phones.
  • Complete elimination of manual paperwork increases efficiency and also helps achieve a greener workspace & environment.

Case Study

EAM360 Power Generation

A deep dive into how we assisted with enhancing the maintenance and management processes for a Power Generation Organization with our mobile app.
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